A Letter to the Colorblind

It’s alive and well, whispered through the trees, growing like ivy up the walls of every institution built by and known to man.  It lies hidden in the words of those who tell you that I “sound so white” for being a person of color.  It’s the same slap you feel when they’ve decided to accept your friendship because “you’re not ghetto like the other black girls”.  It decorates the mask of color-blindness that I wore for years, the same mask covering the many faces of today.  It’s the latch of the door of the closet you’re trying to free yourself from.  It’s curled up on the tongue of the “brother” that tells you to “eat off your own plate” because “sisters” should never be running them white boys.  It’s the word that threatens to slip into your stereotyping mind when you can’t see her hair because she wears a hijab.  It’s spelled out in the semen you’re wiping off of your stomach even though you had told him “no”.  It’s your spit in the face of the migrant that you complain is taking all of our American jobs— the very same jobs that you would never even consider applying for yourself.


Denied by both the master and the slave that supposedly had been set free way back before Lincoln earned his spot on the penny.  Blindness.  Or is it just willful ignorance?  It’s taking a single sip of the lead-infested water that they are forced to drink and bathe in everyday and using that drip as a testament to the water’s purity.  It’s sticking your fingers in your ears in a futile effort to drown out the deafening sound of those scraping the bottom of the barrel— the same barrel on top of which you are standing.  It’s the odor of the hot, black tar you’re pouring over us so that you may drive on the smoother, paved road.  Wake up.

-Yours Truly


A Letter to the Anonymous

We are almost constantly subjected to the judgement of the world around us.   We are molded to fit the ideas that manifest within the minds of other people, and shoved in to small boxes, categorized by how we are expected to fit in society.   As modern society mandates, we focus on the unattainable and anyone that does not measure up is forced further into the dark corners of their neatly-labeled box.  It’s a tough world that we live and we have to strive to protect ourselves and to keep from being stifled and stamped out.  This is why there will always be a band of rebels with each new generation.  This is the reason feminism has been revitalized.  Art, music, writing, etc. exists for this purpose.  And this is why one of our greatest fall-backs will always be anonymity.

We are enabled when we can disguise ourselves with aliases or remain unknown.  Anonymity lessens the fear and embarrassment that comes with putting yourself out there.  To some, it’s the invisibility cloak that we’ve all dreamed of having since the first Harry Potter book, where others are actually liberated and empowered by such inconspicuousness.  The blessing of anonymity only takes a turn for the worse when combined with the harassment of others.  In that instance, your empowering invisibility now becomes this huge, neon-colored, blinking arrow that points straight to your weak mind and immaturity.

We are ADULTS.  Why, then, do we choose to entertain ourselves in this way?  We are suppressed enough by society without having you open up your secret texting app to spit your words of idiocy using a fake number.  Grow up.  Take my hand and let’s progress together as individuals.  There’s still time if we operate start now.  Any longer and I’m afraid you might not make it out alive which in that case…

*puts on 40 gold neck chains*  I pity the fool.

-Yours Truly